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Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The First Suffragist, an original screenplay by Arlaine Rockey

The radical tactics of the intellectual leader of the original women's rights movement anger young suffragists and frustrate her closest friend, Susan B. Anthony.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the intellectual and radical force behind the original women's rights movement for over fifty years, but when she published a feminist critique of the Bible in 1895, she was publicly censured for allegedly damaging the cause of suffrage.  Based on true events and research drawn from multiple sources, all in the public domain, Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The First Suffragist is a moving, sometimes humorous, and inspirational biopic about an American hero who improved the lives of millions of women.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The First Suffragist is an historical biopic.  It made the top 20% in the 2018 Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competition and the second round (top 15%) in the drama genre in the 2018 and 2016 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competitions.  Read more about Arlaine's effort to produce Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The First Suffragist in 2020 #ECS2020 here.

PRAISE for Elizabeth Cady Stanton - The First Suffragist

"Elizabeth Cady Stanton is an impressive figure from all angles, and this script tells her story with passion and aplomb. We get a strong sense of not only what Elizabeth stood for and why she fought, but who she was as a woman. By showing her more human qualities, her vulnerabilities and struggles, she stands out as a real person, not just a significant historical figure, and that makes her story all the more engaging. We can share in her success and challenges, and feel a sense of victory when the epilogue tells us of the ultimate success of the suffrage movement. The supporting cast is rich and compelling as well. Elizabeth encounters and works with several important players in the movement for equality, including Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass has one of the most powerful scenes of the script, when he argues that the right of African Americans to live in safety is currently more urgent than women's suffrage, citing the atrocities of lynchings and hate crimes. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is long overdue for a contemporary and worthy biopic, and this script does her and her noble cause justice, with passion and humanity."

"The script is well written with intelligence and has an authentic feel for the period in which it takes place. The character of Elizabeth Cady Stanton is depicted well in both descriptions and dialogue. It feels like a character that a leading actress would want to play, with the strength of character and conviction that she had, yet while being a wife and mother of so many children. Along with her zeal for women's rights, her love and concern for her family still comes through, especially in the scene where her young boys attach corks to the baby and almost drown him."

"It was fascinating to get a glimpse at the birth of the women's movement, stemming a lot from the abolitionist movement. She increasingly saw how, even in a movement for freedom, women were still devalued. In London, she and other women weren't even allowed in the same area as the men at the World Anti-Slavery Convention. The script does well to plant those early seeds of dissatisfaction in Stanton. Men who fought for rights weren't fighting for the rights of all. Even her husband, who let her remove obedience from their vows, resented her independence. Throughout, Stanton has some remarkable speeches. It was awe-inspiring to see her stand before the House Judiciary Committee in DC. Also, it was interesting to see the derision in the movement. At first, women were wary of asking for the vote. Later, the movement dissociated itself from Stanton's The Woman's Bible, because it was blasphemous. It was fascinating to see how even in a radical movement, she was too radical. She pushed the boundaries where few else would, which made this story so exciting. Also, Susan B. Anthony was a strong character. It was utterly compelling to watch the growth of her bond with Stanton. It was powerful to see her ferociously defend Stanton's freedom of thought against Rachel Foster Avery, as well as religious tolerance."

"The script makes a smart move with the early emphasis on her associations with abolitionists: it's particularly powerful to see women's exclusion and inferiority even at conferences fighting for human rights of another oppressed group. The script also makes good use of other familiar, historical figures, particularly Susan B. Anthony: her friendship with Elizabeth leads to some of the best scenes, and the inclusion of [Susan B. Anthony's] trial [for voting illegally] is a highlight."

"Stanton is a great subject for this sort of prestige political biopic; it's the kind of subject matter that gets awards attention, and fortunately there are several great roles for women in the script."

"Scene descriptions are extremely vivid, highlighting an attention to research which definitely creates a world for the reader. Everything from the locations to character body types were articulated, leaving no question as to what the story would look like on screen. The premise is one that has potential to draw interest from A-Level talent as Elizabeth's struggle for women's rights was a formidable task."

"This writer does a great job tackling the first push for women's suffrage in the United States. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is an engaging protagonist because of her complex personality and motives. It's interesting to see her defy the standards of male vs. female, to fight to abolish slavery, to be a caring mother to seven children, and to push for the female right to vote. Her strong personality and drive also allows for engaging conflicts, all which she struggles with while trying to raise her children. The multiple successes she had before her death give perspective on how much of a battle suffrage really was for women of the time." 

My Dead BFF, an original screenplay by Arlaine Rockey
High school outsider, Joslyn, is surprised when her BFF's ghost returns to try to find her a boyfriend, but her dead BFF flips out when she learns that who Joslyn really wants is her dead BFF's boyfriend.  Let the games begin!
Joslyn's dead BFF becomes her worst frenemy when she learns that Joslyn broke the ex-boyfriend rule.
High school outsider, Joslyn, is thrilled when her charismatic BFF's ghost returns with her bedazzled cell app needing help to get into heaven, but Emily, her dead BFF, becomes her worst frenemy when Emily learns that Joslyn has a crush on Emily's grieving boyfriend.

My Dead BFF is a teenage romantic comedy with a twist.  It made the second round (top 15%) in the comedy genre in the 2019 and 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competitions.
PRAISE for My Dead BFF 

"The comedic writing is superb. The dialogue is brilliant and the attitude wonderfully sardonic. ...  [Arlaine Rockey] exhibits an innate sense for mental editing and how cinematic comedy is constructed and works. ... [The character] development is superb.  The teenagers read as real people, which is more difficult than it sounds.  Emily is a hugely alluring cinematic creation:  brash, iconoclastic, sassy, and her transformation is severe.  ...  My Dead BFF is highly entertaining.  ... This is a smart concept with impeccable execution.  It is funny throughout and continually entertaining.  The characters are alluring, the setting intriguing, and as a writer, [Arlaine Rockey has] a strong voice and fun point of view."
Madness & Lies, an original screenplay by Arlaine Rockey
 A child advocacy lawyer is framed by her wife and daughter for murdering her own son.
Elena, a Southern attorney who works to stop child abuse, is put on trial for her young son's murder after her psycho wife kills him and convinces their teenage daughter to lie to help frame Elena, putting her career, family, and freedom at risk.  It is also a coming of age story about this teenage girl, whose biological mother cannot give her what she needs, but who learns to accept the love of Elena, the mother she hates and betrays. 
Madness & Lies is a psychological legal thriller.  Earlier drafts of this script twice placed in the top 15%  in the Nicholl Fellowship competition.
PRAISE for Madness & Lies
"This is a well-written script that deals with complex ideas and emotions. There's a good sense of place, with evocative descriptions of the rural south locale. It's also nice, in terms of representation in film, to see a film about a lesbian couple in which their sexual preference is an incidental aspect of the plot. All of the discussion about Elena's legal case was surprisingly engaging considering how dry legalese usually is in film. It's an effectively told story that's compelling and emotionally engaging, and it deals with a variety of important topics that would be conducive to creating a discussion around the film."

"[A] cunning, mentally unstable woman trying to frame her partner for a murder she herself committed is a powerful act of betrayal and shocking selfishness. The fact that the two principals are gay feels fresh, as does the contrast of the not-very-gay-friendly small-town North Carolina setting."

"This is a script that isn't scared to confront some tough domestic issues."


Purrfect, an original screenplay by Arlaine Rockey

A tiny Maltese and her White Shepherd husband's adoption of two Ragdoll kittens is thwarted by the Panther social worker who thinks it is unnatural and dangerous.

A comedy, Purrfect is a fable for the culture wars. 
An animated anthropomorphic family dramedy, Purrfect is a fable for the culture wars.    See the Purrfect mini-book here.  Purrfect made the second round (top 15%) in the 2016 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

Stent, an original screenplay by Arlaine Rockey
Inspired by true events, Stent is an epic thriller in which a daughter fights the world's largest medical conglomerate to prove that her late father was the first inventor of the balloon-expandable heart stent and, with a half a billion dollars in royalties at stake, to save her family from financial ruin, grappling with blackmail and corruption, and risking her safety and her family's lives all the way to the Supreme Court.
Stent was inspired by actual events in the screenwriter?s life. Her father, Dr. Arthur G. Rockey, was the pioneer inventor of the balloon-expandable stent.
Stent was inspired by actual events in the screenwriter's life.  Her father, Dr. Arthur G. Rockey, was the pioneer inventor of the balloon-expandable stent.

Ocean Court, a screenplay adaptation by Arlaine Rockey of her novel, Ocean Court 
A hot Miami law student seduces his sexy supervising lawyer, pursuing her while she searches for a murderer, but she doesn't know the killer is in her bed.
Ocean Court is a legal thriller and romance. 

Ocean Pearl, an original screenplay sequel to Ocean Court by Arlaine Rockey 
After killing his brother, a young Miami lawyer struggles to forgive his dying father and his prosecutor girlfriend, after her girlish indiscretion with another woman, the star witness in a law professor's trial for killing his wife. 
Ocean Pearl is a a legal thriller and romance.